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The Best Restaurant Contractors in Newport Beach, California

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Newport Beach beckons with its coastal charm and culinary allure. This picturesque city, nestled against the glistening Pacific, stands as a prime destination for those seeking restaurant properties. The dining scene in Newport Beach is as diverse as it is vibrant, satisfying the appetites of both locals and tourists. With a dynamic mix of patrons, there’s a constant demand for a range of culinary experiences. Whether you’re seeking a cozy restaurant for an intimate ambiance, a waterfront location to capture the coastal vibe, or a bustling spot in the heart of town, Newport Beach has it all. If you’re interested in investing in a restaurant property in Newport Beach, California, here’s a list of the city’s top eight restaurant contractors.

Casco Contractors

9850 Irvine Center Dr, Irvine, CA 92618

Casco Contractors, founded by Cheryl Osborn began in 2000, is a story of steadfast dedication and innovative approaches. The Southern Californian company, now a prominent player in the tenant improvement industry, uniquely emphasizes communication and punctuality. From day one, it set the bar high, ensuring schedules are transparent and appointments are kept with precision—a practice considered revolutionary at the time. Its remarkable “Countdown to Zero” program, which incentivizes consistent communication with clients and subcontractors, comprehensive project walk-throughs, and zero punch list items at project handover, is a testament to its dedication to excellence.

The team’s dedication has earned the firm accolades, such as being named one of Orange County’s Best Places To Work from 2018 to 2023. Moreover, its affiliation as a Minority Business Enterprise and its recognition in the Orange County Register underline its commitment to inclusivity and high standards. Cheryl Osborn’s visionary leadership and over 30 years of construction experience have propelled Casco Contractors to success, making it a trusted name in design solutions and commercial tenant improvement construction.

Creative Builds

925 B St Suite 601, San Diego, CA 92101,

Creative Builds, based in Southern California, is not just a construction management company; it’s a passionate conduit for transforming dreams into reality. Its dedication to bringing its clients’ visions to life is at the heart of its mission. What sets Creative Builds apart is its knack for infusing emotional intelligence into every project, resulting in truly remarkable outcomes. Its presence isn’t just felt in numbers and awards, but in the projects themselves. It approaches each endeavor with a blend of creativity and precision, turning concepts into captivating realities that leave a lasting impact on the community.

The firm uses a comprehensive design-build approach that includes pre-construction services, project management, and general contracting. Regardless of the service, the Creative Builds team is passionate about building structures and crafting experiences. This dynamic and considerate team, led by Rodolfo Farber, the owner and president, thrives on out-of-the-box projects and energizing collaborations. Its exceptional work has been acknowledged by the San Diego Business Journal, which recognized it as the 15th Fastest Growing Private Company in 2016.

Ramland Construction

1650 Westwood Blvd, Suite 200, Los Angeles, CA 90024

Ramland Construction is a company that thrives on building connections, one project at a time. Its reputation is built upon consistently exceeding clients’ expectations, making it the preferred choice for crafting upscale restaurants, retail spaces, and hotel environments in California. Its commitment to quality has earned it local acclaim and led to nationwide engagements, demonstrating its ability to deliver excellence, whatever the task.

Ramland’s team is renowned for its knowledge, experience, and efficiency, as well as its ability to approach each day with a passion for helping clients achieve their goals. This dedication is not limited to its in-house team but extends to its subcontractors. Meanwhile, the leadership at Ramland Construction is defined by integrity and professionalism, inspiring its crews to uphold the highest standards. The firm’s track record speaks for itself, consistently delivering outstanding projects on time and within budget. Ramland Construction’s excellence has also been featured in esteemed publications like the LA Times and LA Weekly, showcasing its impact on the industry. With Steve Ramras at the helm, the company is about shaping its clients’ success by building quality projects and helping them thrive.

Empire Construction

1570 E. Edinger Ave, Suite A, Ste. A, Santa Ana, CA 92705

With a proud history spanning four decades, Empire Construction is defined by impressive growth and steadfast dedication. What began as a humble, family-owned enterprise in 1982, rooted in the vibrant community of Santa Ana, has flourished into a renowned general contractor serving not just Santa Ana, but seven Southern California counties. The heart of its success lies in the visionary leadership of President Suzanne DeRossett and Vice President John DeRossett. Their unwavering commitment has propelled the company to the pinnacle of commercial construction in California. In doing so, the firm specializes in diverse projects, from retail spaces to healthcare facilities, always embodying the dedication to excellence that is deeply ingrained in its core.

The firm’s status as a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP) signifies Empire’s commitment to sustainable practices. Empire Construction’s journey is also marked by many other important achievements, with each project showcasing its careful planning and excellent execution. The company represents a legacy of growth, integrity, and commitment to turning visionary projects into reality.

Platinum X Construction

15791 Rockfield Blvd, Suite C, Irvine, CA 92618

Platinum X Construction is made up of a team of seasoned professionals with a remarkable track record spanning over a decade. It specializes in commercial tenant improvements, exhibiting unwavering dedication to quality, loyalty, and top-tier customer service. The firm’s mission centers on retaining its role as a prominent figure in commercial general contracting, a reputation it has earned by consistently delivering excellence throughout California.

What particularly sets Platinum X Construction apart is its collective experience of 70+ years in the field. Its team’s wealth of knowledge is invaluable, ensuring that its clients’ projects are in the most capable hands. From project inception to completion, Platinum X Construction’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is unwavering, as is its passion for building quality structures and crafting lasting relationships. With Platinum X Construction, clients can trust that their project is handled by a team that understands the importance of quality, loyalty, and unparalleled service. This is exemplified by the firm’s work on Selanne Steak Tavern in Laguna Beach, which showcases its prowess in turning ideas into reality.

Optima RPM

17945 Sky Park Cir # D, Irvine, CA 92614

Optima is a distinguished national general contractor that offers a unique blend of expertise in business and engineering. It is headquartered in Irvine, California, and has an international branch in Cairo, Egypt. With a service-oriented ethos and a remarkable track record spanning over a decade, it specializes in new construction and tenant improvement projects across various sectors, including retail, restaurants, and public works. Its leadership, spearheaded by Mohamed Mamoun, is marked by unparalleled industry knowledge and a customer-centric approach. With a wealth of experience exceeding 25 years, Mohamed’s visionary leadership extends to various divisions under the Mamoun Group of Companies umbrella. 

With a commitment to innovation and precision, Optima is well-equipped to transform clients’ dreams into reality. At the core of its operations is its proficiency in Procore software, which works to streamline project management efficiently and precisely. This allows the company to tackle projects across multiple states, along with its capacity to secure licenses where needed. Optima is also notable for owning a cabinet manufacturing facility, which enhances its capabilities and control over project quality.

Armstrong Cal Builders

8031 Main St, Stanton CA 90680

Armstrong Cal Builders, Inc. is a cornerstone of dynamic construction in Southern California. With a strong focus on residential and commercial projects, the firm offers expertise spanning everything from modernization and design/build projects to kitchen remodeling, seismic retrofits, and more. The collaboration of skilled principals, architects, engineers, and contractors within the company ensures that every project’s goals are met. Armstrong Cal Builders operates under the leadership of Shawn Salah, who guides the team and his clients to achieve their dream structures, whether complex or simple.

What particularly sets the firm apart is the breadth of services and its unwavering commitment to each project. With over a decade of construction experience, the team at Armstrong Cal Builders approaches each task with passion and dedication, ensuring successful outcomes every time. Its systematic, organized methodology, exceptional project management skills, and use of the best tools and technology create structures that its clients adore.

DEB Construction

2230 E. Winston Rd, Anaheim, CA 92806

For over four decades, DEB Construction has been a trusted partner for commercial construction and construction management across the Western United States. One of its noteworthy distinctions is being a certified minority-owned business, exemplifying a commitment to diversity. Its reach extends across California, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, and Washington, showcasing its versatile expertise in diverse regional landscapes. Whether crafting financial institutions, healthcare facilities, or critical infrastructure projects, DEB Construction has proven itself a reliable partner throughout its long and storied history.

DEB Construction’s track record is marked by on-time and on-budget delivery, a testament to its reliability and dedication. Awards like Orange County’s Top Workplace from 2017 to 2021 affirm its commitment to a thriving work culture. It is also certified as a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional (LEED AP) and a Minority Business Enterprise, reflecting its dedication to staying at the forefront of industry best practices.