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The Best Office Contractors in Laguna Beach, California

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Laguna Beach, California, seamlessly blends corporate sophistication with coastal beauty. Its diverse corporate sector, encompassing tourism, real estate, technology, and the arts, is housed in architecturally distinctive and environmentally conscious buildings. The downtown area features modern offices alongside boutique shops, creating a vibrant business environment.

Listed below are the best office contractors in Laguna Beach, California. Hiring these firms is crucial for creating an efficient, compliant, durable workspace. Their expertise ensures timely, disruption-free projects, optimizing layouts for functionality and compliance with regulations. Investing in top-tier office contractors is essential for overall business success, as their work results in long-term benefits in productivity and cost-effectiveness.

W.E. O’Neil Construction

2100 Main St, Suite 300, Irvine, CA 92614

W.E. O’Neil Construction Company is a nationally recognized leader in the industry known for its commitment to quality, integrity, and client responsiveness. With a rich history spanning four generations of family leadership, the firm prioritizes building lasting relationships, with over 80% of its work coming from repeat clients. As one branch of the O’Neil Industries family, it operates in multiple regions, providing clients with solid bonding capacity and financial security. In 2023, the firm received six awards, including the Southern California Development Forum Design Award and the American Concrete Institute Southern California Concrete Award, showcasing its expertise and dedication to excellence in construction.

Featured is one of the notable projects completed by the firm, West Edge in West LA. This project redefines urban living as a mixed-use project featuring 200,000 square feet of office space, 90,000 square feet of retail and restaurants, 600 multifamily apartments, and a half-acre open-air plaza. The team designed the development for efficiency, connectivity, and wellness to reflect its bustling live-work neighborhood and vibrant destination. Notably, West Edge emphasizes sustainability and the distinction of being a repeat project for the client, underscoring its success in delivering innovative and environmentally conscious spaces.

The Home Builder Digest team obtained data from the Laguna Beach Department of Community Development, Building Division. This research showed that in 2020, W.E. O’Neil Construction worked on the Scripps Miramar Ranch – Pkg 2, valued at approximately $1,500,000. The project involved the construction of a new two-story maintenance building and implementing mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components. The detailed scope of work encompassed various facilities, including garages, restrooms, offices, break rooms, storage spaces, conference rooms, a workshop, a gym, and a new elevator. This project showcases the diverse and extensive capabilities of W.E. O’Neil Construction in managing and executing complex construction projects with a broad range of facilities and components.

Howard CDM

17434 Bellflower Blvd, Suite 300, Bellflower, CA 90706

Howard CDM has a long history, beginning over 50 years ago, and has succeeded significantly by prioritizing the needs of its clients and fostering partnerships. It has finished numerous commercial building projects for various industries, including education, healthcare, retail, residential, dining, hospitality, and manufacturing. The firm has consistently provided clients with the highest caliber of service while adhering to schedules and budgets. Decades of technical design and construction experience brought to each project by the firm’s personnel has greatly aided its development.

Showcased here is an impressive project completed by the firm. Ironfire Workspaces offers a hospitality-focused coworking experience with WELL Platinum standards. The 8,500-square-foot workspace has a contemporary, energy-efficient design that features private offices, coworking spaces, meeting rooms, and event spaces for over 100 workers. Renovations included installing panoramic windows, a full-sized kitchen, open dining and waiting areas, private offices, conference rooms, soundproof booths, and a lounge/game room.

Howard CDM also undertook a notable tenant improvement project in 2019. The job, valued at $191,070, specifically focused on Suite 390 and involved a comprehensive one-floor medical tenant improvement. Spanning approximately 1,544 square feet, it was categorized under B occupancy, showcasing Howard CDM’s expertise in delivering specialized improvements within the medical sector.

Illig Construction Company

125 Lomita St, El Segundo, CA 90245

Illig Construction Company is a family-run general contractor located in Los Angeles. Since 1919, it has provided commercial, institutional, and private clientele services. As the oldest company on the list, it has a longstanding reputation for excellence and has become a dominant force in the industry. The firm handles every contract with rigorous planning, sensible budgeting, prompt delivery, and exceptional quality. Although the firm intends to complete projects, its primary goal is to effectively assist clients with the development process.

One project by the firm, Manatt Phelps Phillips, was developed through a meticulous and phased renovation, minimizing disruptions to ongoing operations, in collaboration with Gensler architects. The project included significant updates to elevator lobbies, visitor lobby, conference spaces, restrooms, lighting, and curtain wall re-cladding. The focus was on enhancing the work environment while maintaining seamless business operations.

As an example of past projects, our team found permits from the Laguna Beach Department of Community Development, Building Division. In 2022, Illig Construction Company executed interior remodeling and restroom upgrades for The Buckley School’s office spaces. The project, valued at $80,000, also included alterations to the school building, incorporating structural support for a new HVAC fan coil unit and creating a new opening in the roof for HVAC equipment. This permit highlights Illig Construction Company’s adeptness in delivering comprehensive renovations for educational institutions with minimal disruptions to its daily operations.

CREW Builders

660 West Baker St, #B-103, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Premier commercial contractor CREW Builders specializes in redevelopment and tenant improvement projects with an unparalleled scope. The leadership team, boasting over 40 years of combined cutting-edge experience in the construction industry, is committed to delivering high-profile projects within budget and on schedule. At the helm is Jeff Salewsky, who is the principal and founder. Backed up by 26 years in construction, Salewsky’s role is pivotal in fostering a cohesive and healthy environment within the team, empowering, motivating, and supporting everyone to grow and achieve success. Through refined supplier relationships and sophisticated dynamic designs, CREW Builders aims to set industry standards in commercial construction.

As an example of its previous projects, the firm efficiently relocated Equity Office Properties (EOP) to its current 6,894-square-foot headquarters, completing the project in just ten weeks. The seamless transition, coordinated with EOP’s management team, prioritized uninterrupted work production. Its comprehensive overhaul included interior demolition, new HVAC, lighting, sprinkler system rework, sealed concrete floors, and installation of new doors and hardware. Its collaboration with the design team ensured the replication of the previous office’s high-end finishes within the budget constraints.

Recently, Crew Builders undertook a significant project valued at $569,432, focusing on office tenant improvement through an e-plan. The tenant for this project was CCMSI, indicating a specialized effort in enhancing office spaces to meet specific needs. With its construction and tenant improvement expertise, CREW Builders demonstrated its capability to deliver valued projects that contribute to functional and aesthetic enhancements to office environments.

Platinum X Construction

15791 Rockfield Blvd, Suite C, Irvine, CA 92618

Platinum X Construction has honed its expertise over the last decade, primarily focusing on commercial tenant improvements. It is committed to the highest standards of quality, loyalty, and customer service to maintain its reputation. Leveraging a decade of experience in significant construction trades, the firm has fostered strong relationships with leading subcontractors and material vendors in Southern California, enabling them to offer exceptional service at competitive prices. Collaborations with partners like Freedom Design, known for high-quality custom work in reclaimed materials, add a unique design element to their projects.

Featured prominently in publications like The Registry, Eater LA, Orange County Register, and Iconic Life, President Jake Finch emphasizes a commitment to excellence as the cornerstone of every Platinum X Construction project. President Jake Finch’s mantra, “Quality is not an act, it’s a habit,” encapsulates its dedication to delivering top-tier construction services. Its goal extends beyond project completion to pleasing clients, fostering customer loyalty, and ensuring the long-term success of their business.

Among its notable projects, Platinum X Construction completed a $100,000 office tenant improvement project for Direct 4 Biz in 2021, covering approximately 2,972 square feet. The role plans included the creation of offices, workstations, a break area, a kitchen, partitions, doors, and windows. The team also installed essential facilities such as a sink, water heater, receptacles, lights, switches, and fixed appliances. Platinum X Construction showcased proficiency in providing thorough and practical enhancements to office spaces.